HyConn Shark Tank Update

In the world of entrepreneurship, a single opportunity can change the trajectory of a business. For Jeff Stroope, the creator of HyConn, a revolutionary water hydrant connection system, that opportunity came in the form of ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank. Stroope’s innovative product caught the attention of the sharks, but his journey took an unexpected turn. In this blog post, we’ll dive into Stroope’s Shark Tank experience, the aftermath of his pitch, and the current state of HyConn.

The HyConn Pitch and Deal at Shark Tank

Jeff Stroope entered the Shark Tank with a clear vision: to secure funding for HyConn, a product designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to connect a hose to a water hydrant. His pitch impressed the sharks, particularly Mark Cuban, who saw the potential in Stroope’s invention. Jeff Stroope asked for $500,000 for 40% equity for his company. Cuban made a substantial offer of $1.25 million for 100% ownership of the company, along with a three-year work agreement for Stroope at an annual salary of $100,000 and a 7.5% royalty.

Other sharks also showed interest in HyConn. Kevin O’Leary offered $500,000 for complete ownership of the company and a 5% royalty in perpetuity. However, none of the other sharks could match Cuban’s generous offer. Stroope accepted Cuban’s deal, believing it would propel HyConn to new heights.

Is HyConn Still in Business?

Despite the promising deal with Mark Cuban, things took an unexpected turn for HyConn. Disagreements arose between Stroope and Cuban regarding the company’s direction. Cuban envisioned licensing the product and handing it over to another company, while Stroope had different expectations for his involvement in the business. As a result, the deal fell through, leaving HyConn in a precarious position.

Following the failed deal, HyConn struggled to fulfill orders despite the increased exposure from Shark Tank. However, a glimmer of hope emerged when 101 Ventures, an Arkansas venture studio, took an equity stake in HyConn in 2011. This partnership aimed to revitalize the company and bring Stroope’s vision to fruition.

Unfortunately, HyConn has remained largely inactive in recent years. The company’s social media accounts have fallen silent, and its products are currently listed as unavailable on its website. Stroope himself has moved on to work for another company, leaving the future of HyConn uncertain.

What Was HyConn’s Net Worth?

While the exact net worth of HyConn is not publicly disclosed, it’s evident that the company faced significant challenges following its appearance on Shark Tank. The failed deal with Mark Cuban and the subsequent struggles to fulfill orders likely impacted the company’s financial standing. Despite the partnership with 101 Ventures, HyConn’s inactivity suggests that the company may not have reached its full potential.

Business Overview

HyConn’s innovative water hydrant connection system aimed to revolutionize the way firefighters and other professionals connect hoses to hydrants. By significantly reducing connection time, HyConn had the potential to save lives and improve efficiency in emergency situations. Stroope’s passion for his product was evident throughout his Shark Tank journey, but the challenges he faced in the aftermath of the show highlight the complexities of bringing a new product to market.


Jeff Stroope’s HyConn journey on Shark Tank serves as a reminder that even the most promising opportunities can encounter unexpected obstacles. Despite securing a deal with Mark Cuban, disagreements over the company’s direction led to a fallout. HyConn’s subsequent struggles and current state of inactivity underscore the challenges entrepreneurs face in navigating the business world.

Stroope’s experience also highlights the importance of alignment between investors and entrepreneurs. While Cuban’s offer was generous, the disagreement over the company’s direction ultimately led to the deal’s collapse. Stroope’s preference for working with Robert Herjavec or Kevin O’Leary suggests that finding the right partner who shares your vision is crucial.

As for the future of HyConn, only time will tell if Stroope’s innovative product will find its way back into the market. Regardless of the outcome, Stroope’s entrepreneurial spirit and determination serve as an inspiration to aspiring inventors and business owners. His journey on Shark Tank, while not ending as he had hoped, offers valuable lessons on the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and finding the right partners in the face of adversity.

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