Bon Affair Shark Tank Update: From Pitch to Present

In the world of entrepreneurship, a single opportunity can change the course of a business forever. For Jayla Siciliano, founder of Bon Affair, that moment arrived when she stepped into the Shark Tank.

Her innovative wine spritzer brand, born out of a desire for a healthier, guilt-free alternative to traditional wine, caught the attention of the sharks and ultimately secured a deal with Mark Cuban. In this blog post, we’ll dive into Bon Affair’s journey, from its Shark Tank pitch to its current status and future prospects.

The Bon Affair Pitch and Deal at Shark Tank

Jayla Siciliano entered the Shark Tank in Season 5, seeking a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 35% stake in Bon Affair. She passionately presented her brand, emphasizing the unique selling points of her wine spritzers—lower alcohol content, fewer calories, and no added sugar.

Despite initial skepticism from some of the sharks, Mark Cuban recognized the potential in Siciliano’s vision and decided to invest, offering the exact deal she had asked for. Prior to her Shark Tank appearance, Siciliano had already invested $30,000 of her own money and secured an additional $450,000 from private investors.

However, a costly bottling issue had set the company back by $100,000, prompting the need for further investment. Cuban’s backing provided a much-needed boost to Bon Affair’s growth and visibility. The valuation of her company was set at $2.61 million.

Is Bon Affair Still in Business?

Following the Shark Tank deal, Bon Affair experienced a surge in sales and brand recognition. The exposure from the show helped Siciliano expand her product’s reach and gain a loyal customer base.

However, like many startups, Bon Affair faced challenges in maintaining profitability. Despite the initial success, the company struggled to sustain its momentum in the highly competitive beverage market.

As of 2023, Bon Affair products are still available in select states across the United States and can be purchased online. The brand has managed to carve out a niche for itself, appealing to health-conscious consumers who seek a lighter, refreshing alternative to traditional wine.

What Was Bon Affair Net Worth?

While exact figures are not publicly disclosed, it is estimated that Bon Affair generates an annual revenue of around $5 million. The company’s valuation at the time of the Shark Tank pitch was approximately $430,000, based on the deal Siciliano struck with Mark Cuban.

However, the brand’s net worth has likely fluctuated since then, depending on its performance and market conditions.

Where is Bon Affair Now?

Jayla Siciliano, the driving force behind Bon Affair, left the company around 2016 to pursue other entrepreneurial ventures. She has since focused on building a successful vacation rental business. Despite her departure, Bon Affair continues to operate, albeit with a more limited presence compared to its early days.

The brand’s current focus appears to be on maintaining its existing customer base and gradually expanding its reach through online sales and select retail partnerships. While Bon Affair may not have achieved the explosive growth some had anticipated following its Shark Tank appearance, it has managed to survive in a highly competitive industry.

Business Overview

Bon Affair’s journey highlights the challenges and opportunities faced by startups in the beverage industry. Siciliano’s vision for a healthier wine alternative resonated with consumers, but translating that initial traction into long-term profitability proved difficult.

The company’s story serves as a reminder that securing investment, even from prominent figures like Mark Cuban, does not guarantee success. However, Bon Affair’s persistence and ability to adapt have allowed it to remain in business, even if on a smaller scale than initially envisioned.

The brand’s focus on health-conscious consumers and its unique product offering still hold potential for future growth and expansion.


Bon Affair’s Shark Tank journey is a testament to the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship. Jayla Siciliano’s passion and vision caught the attention of Mark Cuban, leading to a significant investment and a chance to take her brand to new heights. While the company faced challenges in maintaining its initial momentum, it has managed to persevere and carve out a place for itself in the competitive beverage market.

As Bon Affair continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of consumer preferences and market trends, its story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. Success is rarely a straight line, and the ability to adapt, pivot, and persevere in the face of adversity is what sets successful businesses apart.

Whether Bon Affair will experience a resurgence in the future remains to be seen, but its impact on the wine spritzer market and its founder’s entrepreneurial spirit will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy.

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